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How A Special Needs Trust Can Protect Social Security Disability Benefits

As a parent of a child with special needs, one of your foremost goals is to ensure that your child enjoys a comfortable standard of living while also getting the care he or she needs. Yet providing for a son or daughter with special needs becomes more difficult during his or her transition to adulthood. You should not simply give your child funds or property outright, as doing so would impact his or her eligibility for government benefits.

A special needs trust accomplishes the dual goals of protecting your child while also maintaining his or her eligibility for benefits. The trust property will not count as assets against your child. Instead, the trust itself will legally own the property, but for the sole benefit of your child.

By setting aside property for your child in a trust, you can provide for his or her needs and comfort for a lifetime.

How Our Disability Law Firm Can Help

Special needs trusts open the door to better care options, more fulfilling opportunities and an enhanced standard of living. Yet to work as intended, the trust must comply with detailed legal requirements. It is not worth the risk of stumbling through this process on your own.

At Burgess & Christensen, we provide A-to-Z guidance on all aspects of caring for the legal needs of a child with disabilities. We can help you identify the key functions of a special needs trust and tailor a trust that fits your child’s situation. Our attorneys also provide guidance on guardianships — another important legal issue that needs attention when your child approaches adulthood.

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Our firm has focused solely on disability law for over 30 years. We are well-versed in the law regarding Social Security and children with special needs. You can rely on lawyers for competent and compassionate guidance.

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